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Sluggers -  (GWP) Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable 1g
(GWP) Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable 1g
Revel in a unique cannabis experience, the sublime Sluggers Apples & Bananas Disposable 1g by Monko, one of the top-rated cannabis brands in Washington, DC. This premium vape pen carries a distinct apple, pear, and tree fruit flavor - a sensory delight created from a unique genetic cross between exotic Blue Power and sumptuous Gelatti strains. This hybrid weed strain's dominant terpene is Myrcene, known for its potent, earthy notes and intriguing aromatic profile. The delightful blend of Apples & Bananas is a fast-acting entrance to a euphoric realm, delivering instant happiness while uplifting your spirits. It's the perfect companion for a tranquil evening or a creative session, letting you bask in an unparalleled balance of relaxation and stimulation. This carefully bred strain is a proud creation of Cookies and Compound Genetics, setting a new standard in cannabis indulgence. Our Sluggers Apples and Bananas transcends mere functionality, it promises intricate details, high caliber craftsmanship, and an elite cannabis experience. With each draw, you are poised to enjoy consistency in taste, potency, and quality. The disposable vape pen ensures a hassle-free, user-friendly operation designed to elevate your cannabis indulgence at every puff. Dive into a satisfyingly smooth vaping journey with Monko's Sluggers Apples and Bananas Disposable 1g - where supreme quality meets fantastic flavor.
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