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SG - (GWP) SG Martian Mint
(GWP) SG Martian Mint
Immerse yourself in the ultimate cannabis experience with the SG Matcha from Monko, a leader in exceptional quality cannabis products in Washington, DC. Our premium edibles are redefining the boundaries of quality and flavor. GWP (Gift with Purchase), our flagship product, integrates the invigoration of premium cannabis with the serenity of traditional Japanese matcha. Each bite delivers an intense fusion of blissful relaxation and refined green tea essence. Crafted by SG, a renowned brand synonymous with superior potency and consistency, this fantastic edible is combined with organic, ceremonial-grade matcha from Uji, Kyoto – the heartland of Japanese green tea. Each serving provides an enjoyable and unique way to experience cannabis; whether you are a newfound enthusiast or an experienced connoisseur. Monko's devotion to offering a superior, well-crafted cannabis experience is apparent in the SG Matcha. The product is lab tested to ensure consistency, potency, and safety, meeting the highest level of industry standards. It is an interesting and enjoyable product that delivers everything that the modern cannabis user requires. Feel the enlightened tranquility of matcha paired with the harmonious effects of top-grade cannabis. Make the SG Matcha your go-to choice for an elevated cannabis journey. Now, you can savor the taste of the finest matcha while reveling in the world of cannabis – brought together impeccably by Monko, your trusted partner in premium cannabis products.
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