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Puffco -  Puffco Peak Pro (2020)
Puffco Peak Pro (2020)
Experience the peak of cannabis enjoyment with the Puffco Peak Pro brought to you by Monko, the reputed provider of top-rated Cannabis in Washington DC. Breaking the traditional boundaries of portable concentrates, the Puffco Peak Pro is a real game-changer for accessories and dab enthusiasts alike. Re-engineered in 2020, the Puffco Peak Pro boasts an all-new app capability, greater precision, and a more sophisticated design than ever before. Packed with innovative features, this little powerhouse guarantees a seamless user experience paired with precision temperature control. Control your Puffco Peak Pro's temperature, customize boost mode, or adjust its LED light band, all via a smartphone app. What sets it apart? Its fully integrated, real-time temperature sensing that keeps your experiences consistent, the hand-blown glass water pipe attachment that offers a smack of cool smoothness, or maybe the four unique heat settings catering to both beginners and connoisseurs? It's difficult to judge. Perfect for unprecedented control and superior performance, the Puffco Peak Pro ensures every dab or puff is as smooth and flavorful as possible. This product provides-dab enthusiasts with a new, sophisticated way to experience their favorite concentrates without sacrificing freedom or control. Maximize your cannabis enjoyment whether you are at home or on the go with the Puffco Peak Pro from Monko. Unveil the real spirit of cannabis, today!
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