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P.D. - (GWP) P.D. 4g (Matcha)
(GWP) P.D. 4g (Matcha)
Immerse yourself into a utopian tranquility with Monko’s much-acclaimed P.D. 4g Matcha, setting the gold standard for cannabis-derived consumables. Straight from the epicenter of Washington DC’s burgeoning legal cannabis scene, Monko tops the charts in procuring top-quality, 100% natural cannabis products. Perfectly blended in a meticulous process, P.D. 4g brings a unique Matcha infusion into the cannabis world. This melange of finely powdered green tea, renowned for its potent polyphenols and calming L-Theanine, fuses seamlessly with our rigorously tested cannabis. These 4g serving packets offer a harmonious balance of flavor, potency, and purity, providing a peace-inducing sensory journey with every sip. Unravel the therapeutic benefits of P.D. 4g Matcha; let the soothing flavor profiles of ceremonial-grade Matcha work symbiotically with cannabis's known stress-relieving properties. The subtlety of Matcha's earthy sweetness heightens this edible's appeal, making it an equally excellent choice for both newcomers on the cannabis scene or seasoned enthusiasts. P.D.'s reputation for top-tier, reliable cannabis products ensures a high-quality experience, while Monko's commitment to innovation fuels the continuous development and refinement of their impressive line-up. Discover the intriguing fusion of Matcha and cannabis with Monko's P.D. 4g Matcha and transcend into an enlightened state of relaxation.
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