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NT - (GWP) NT 6g (Peppermint Bark)
(GWP) NT 6g (Peppermint Bark)
Indulge in the elevated decadence of Monko's Peppermint Bark edible, uniquely crafted by top-rated brand NT. Bringing a sophisticated touch to the Cannabis scene in Washington DC, this 6g package is truly an extraordinary treat. This potent delicacy effortlessly marries the worlds of gourmet confections with premium Cannabis, setting new standards for quality and enjoyment. Every batch of our Peppermint Bark is meticulously formulated to ensure accurate dosing and optimum effectiveness. The decadent layers of rich dark chocolate and velvety white chocolate serve as a luxurious medium for the Cannabis infusion. The invigorating touch of peppermint enhances the overall sensorial experience while offering a refreshing twist on traditional edibles. Beyond the intoxicating flavor profile beckoning indulgence, it provides a potent and distinctive Cannabis experience. Each bite promises the purity of Monko's top-rated Cannabis, cultivated under the careful supervision of seasoned growers, ensuring that every bit of Peppermint Bark delivers consistent, reliable results. This NT branded edible is perfect for any cannabis connoisseur who also appreciates the finer things in life. Whether it's a relaxing night in or a social gathering with friends, Monko's Peppermint Bark is crafted for memorable moments. Treat yourself to the exquisite blend of flavor and effectiveness—where Cannabis meets confectionery art in a beautifully decadent display.
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