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NT -  (GWP) NT 6g (Mazapan Horchata)
(GWP) NT 6g (Mazapan Horchata)
Experience cannabis like never before with Monko's NT 6g (Mazapan Horchata). This product offers a unique blend of sensations in every bite. Monko is a top-rated cannabis provider based in Washington DC, offering customers an exclusive i71 compliant service. With their innovative approach, Monko ensures you receive your cannabis product seamlessly through a gifting process with every purchase of a Monko Pin. This masterpiece from NT brand takes edible cannabis to a whole new level. It's not merely an edible; it's a symphony of flavors. Mazapan Horchata combines the sweet and nutty flavor of Mazapan with the exquisite creaminess of Horchata, providing a palate-pleasing experience that is as enjoyable as it is relieving. As part of a legalized and responsible framework, this cannabis product is not available for direct sale. Instead, it is generously gifted when you purchase a Monko Pin. With every Monko Pin added to your cart, you also receive this cannabis item—keeping everything in compliance with DC's i71 laws and regulations. Discover the perfect blend of delicious tastes and calming sensations with the NT 6g (Mazapan Horchata) from Monko. It's not just cannabis, it's an experience - one that elates your palate while easing your tension. Dive into the world of Monko and enjoy the delightful fusion of flavor and relaxation.
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