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Monko - Monko Intensive Relief Rub w/Emu Oil CBD 2000mg
Monko Intensive Relief Rub w/Emu Oil CBD 2000mg
Experience a powerful blend of relief and comfort with Monko Intensive Relief Rub containing Emu Oil and 2000mg of CBD. Designed to alleviate the toughest aches and discomforts, this premium cannabis product is a top-rated choice in Washington DC. Our specially curated blend is housed in a convenient airless pump bottle for easy application, perfect for those seeking on-the-go relief. The rub combines pure CBD with nourishing Emu Oil - a combination destined to provide the ultimate relief for muscle and joint aches. Beyond mere discomfort, it boldly combats intensive tension, stiffness, and sore muscles. Experience the soothing sensation of this powerful blend, designed to penetrate to the site of muscle and joint discomfort immediately. The Monko brand is known for delivering high-quality CBD products. With this Intensive Relief Rub, they maintain their commitment to quality, efficacy and comfort. Elevate your regular body care routine with our formulation, easily incorporated into any lifestyle. Trust in Monko to provide a potent and high-potency CBD solution for all your discomforts. Say goodbye to your muscle and joint aches and say hello to a more relaxed and comfortable you. Get ready to experience the best of CBD and Emu Oil with Monko's Intensive Relief Rub. Join the community of satisfied customers who have discovered the benefits of this remarkable rub.
- 2.0 grams
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