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Hash's -  (GWP) Hash's 200mg Hash Rosin Chocolate (Lucky Charms)
(GWP) Hash's 200mg Hash Rosin Chocolate (Lucky Charms)
Indulge in a delightful treat that combines the decadence of chocolate with the elevated experience of hash rosin. Monko presents (GWP) Hash's 200mg Hash Rosin Chocolate (Lucky Charms), a delectable edible that promises to tantalise your taste buds while delivering a potent and long-lasting high. Crafted with the finest quality ingredients, this edible masterpiece features a rich and creamy chocolate base infused with a generous dose of solventless hash rosin. The hash rosin, meticulously extracted from premium cannabis flowers, adds a distinct and robust flavor profile, elevating the overall experience. But that's not all – (GWP) Hash's 200mg Hash Rosin Chocolate (Lucky Charms) takes inspiration from the beloved cereal, incorporating crunchy marshmallow bits and vibrant cereal pieces. Each bite is a delightful surprise, with bursts of sweetness and texture that perfectly complement the velvety chocolate and hash rosin fusion. Whether you're an experienced cannabis connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of edibles, this product promises a truly unforgettable journey. Enjoy the convenience of discreet and delicious consumption, and let the potent effects of the 200mg hash rosin transport you to a realm of deep relaxation and heightened euphoria. Monko, a premier cannabis dispensary in Washington, DC, offers exceptional service, quality products, and a commitment to responsible consumption. With convenient locations in Logan Circle, Shaw, Bloomingdale, NoMa, and Mt Vernon Triangle, accessing this extraordinary edible has never been easier.
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