What is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 ( I-71) permits DC residents over 21 to possess up to two ounces of Marijuana and cultivate up to three marijuana plants in their private residence.


Initiative 71 allows residents to gift up to one ounce of weed to anyone as long as there is no direct sale. The DC Cannabis community created a “gift” economy.

Purchase a sticker, art print, t-shirt, etc., and receive an unrelated Cannabis gift. Remember, it’s all about phrasing in the grey area of “Gifting” in DC. If you are new in town, stop by our Flagship store and talk to one of our expert concierges.

Pro-Tip: For example, when you go to a smoke shop in DC to buy Flower, you will buy the sticker or shirt first, and at the end, they give you the Cannabis for free.


Never ask to buy marijuana or any flower product directly.

Always start by asking to purchase the product they sell (sticker, t-shirt, art print, etc.), not Cannabis.

Make sure you match the price tier of the flower product up with the price tier of the product sold. (For example, if you want a gram of weed for $20 then most likely you will be buying a $20 sticker)

Always pay for the product first, then take your gift for free after.

When speaking of any marijuana products, always use “gift options.”

*Pro-Tip: In most cases, DC dispensaries all have an I-71 gift menu to look through. Make sure to ask the budtender or try to find it on their website so you can match the correct item they are selling (sticker/t-shirt/art print) to the price of the weed.


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